Rough to Tender nominated in San Diego

26 June 2014


Irene Schweizer Film “Rough to Tender” is nominated in the following 5 categories at San Diego La Jolla Fashion Film Festival :

  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Creative Concept
  • Best Editing
  • Best Music


25 June 2014

It hasn’t rained for years and the Earth has dried out. Human beings live in cliffs. One day, Riham finds his father dying in the desert. The boy decides to look for water to save him. His sister Marine wants to prevent him because the sun makes people go crazy. However, a mysterious engineer maintains that he knows where the water is hiding.


  • Bangalore Short Film Festival 2014, India
  • Upcoming Filmmakers, 2014, Lucerne
  • International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing, 2014, China
  • Ascona Film Festival, 2015
  • Festival du film étudiant Québec, 2015
  • The 4th International Water and Film Event, 2015, Daegu, South Korea
  • International Nature Film Festival 2015 Gödöllő, Hungary
  • Gässli Film Festival, 2015, Basel
  • Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2015, Austria


  • 1st Prize at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in the category Best Short Film


What remains in a world where there is no hope anymore?

Due to their naivety children are capable to believe that they can change things. I developed the point of view of a kid, who tries to achieve the impossible in a hopeless world. I played with the different layers of the concept « mirages ».

Mirages is the third part of a science-fiction trilogy I made during my studies at the ZHdK. In the three films I dealt with the subject of the illusion and how human beings always create goals to block out the uselessness of their existence.

Technical informations

Genre: Fiction
Year of production: 2014
Length: 14 min 52
Shooting format: ARRI Alexa
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (16:9 Letterbox)
Sound: Dolby 5.1 / Stereo
Screening Format: DCP / HDCam SR / HDCam / Blu Ray
Language: French
Subtitles: English, German


Riham Léon Ducret
Marine Plume Ducret
Dad Guy Pillonel
Ingenieur Bartek Sozanski
Apothecary Patrice Gilly


Screenplay and Direction Wendy Pillonel
Cinematographer Tom Keller
Executive Producer Elias Dellers
Assistant Director Annie Gisler
Second Assistant Director Sami Khadraoui
Location Manager Cédric Perler
Set Manager Anna Furrer
Script / Continuity Manuela Rüegg
Coach Kids Charlotte Henderson, Julie Pillonel
Production Design Nicole Frei, Claudia Marolf, Helen Schläpfer, Jessica Schmid
Costume Design Irene Schweizer
Tailor Noemi Stoll
First assistant camera Christian Mathis, Simon Wottreng
Second assistant camera Cyrille Gsell, Johannes Bachmann
Chef electrician Tom Keller
Electricians Jérôme Furrer, Mathieu Werlen, Linus Rieser, Ilir Hasanaj
Sound Engineer Benoit Barraud
Runners Raphaël Balestra, Mélanie Gobet, Jan-Peter Horstmann, Florian Nagel, Matthias Sahli, Patrice Steinmann, Myriam Streiff, Juliette Pillonel, Guy Pillonel
Catering Angelo Balestra, Claudine Balestra, Cosima Frieden, Camille Lambert, Damian Clavel, Noémie Fragnières
Location Scouting Juliette Pillonel
Editor Yasmin Joerg
Assistant Editor Fabienne Andreoli
Matte Painter Florian Baumann (cheese & chocolate)
Computer Generated Imagery Tom Keller
Graphistes Sophie Haller, David Neuenschwander
Additional Help Benjamin Blunschi
Photography Spain Victor Felder
Colorgrading Ralph Wetli, Ellen Pony Wild
Sound Design Benoit Barraud
Sound Mixer & Music Gregg Skerman

Thanks to the locations
Gravel pit Catellani SA in Granges-Marnand and every staff member
Hermitage de la Madeleine and particularly Peter Mersch
Abbaye d’Hauterive and particularly Frère Marc and Frère Claude

Special thanks to
Victor Felder, Guy Pillonel, Juliette Pillonel, Manuèle Ducret, 
Alain Jotterand

Thanks to
Schiessverein Düdingen and particularly Patrick Wider
Thommen Recycling AG, Kaiseraugst
Bellevue Apotheke, Zürich and particularly Roman Schmid
K. Müller AG, Wallisellen
Verpackungsmarkt für den Selbstvermarkter, Brislach
Zivilschutzanlage Gurmels
Théâtre de Vidy and particularly Samuel Marchina
FTK Filmtechnikerkollektiv and particularly André Simmen
Madeleine Huwiler, Lukas Rast, Jean-Robert Gisler, Daniel Felder, Agnès Jobin, Ruben Dellers, Miquet Tinguely, Clara Ruffolo, Isabelle Baudet, Marie-Eve Hildebrand, David Maye, Gilles Baeriswyl, Angelo Balestra, Claudine Balestra, Jérôme Furrer, Luca Ribler,Flo Baumann, Caroline Feder, Remie Blaser, Ramòn Königshausen, Mirjam Zimmermann, Leandro Russo, Laura Stocker, Carmen Bayer, Je Helsdon, Nik Knecht, Fabian Lutz, Johannes Frei, Pius Mächler, Bauern von Salen-Reutenen, Pierre-Olivier Bachmann, Yves Seger, Gian Courtin, Claudio Pavan, Jennifer Vogel, Werner Steiner, Jovanka Orlovic, Andi Birkle, Filippo Bonacci, Robin Wenger, Rebecca Siegfried, Lisa Strautmann, Pasquale Rutishauser, Flavia Müller, Leonie Gschwend, Corina Lampert, Miguel Sampayo, Melanie Lang, Jelena Mair, Michael Eberle, Noemi Bartha, Barbara Lobeck, Manuel Gleyre, Sophie Hostettler, Clara Blanc, Marie-Laure Monney, Julie Pillonel, Martin Maillard, Benoît Ducret

With the support of Foundation Mercator, program « Engagier dich! »
Individual Project, AIP
Fall semester 2013-2014
Project Direction Christian Iseli
Project Mentor Stefan Jäger
Line Producer Filippo Bonacci
Department Bachelor of Arts in Film
Direction Bernhard Lehner

© ZHdK Bachelor of Arts in Film 2014

Rough to Tender

24 June 2014

„Rough to tender“ tells the story of a young woman who separated from her boyfriend and is coping with her broken heart. She guards her memories in glasses and sets them free from time to time to relieve her pain. To help her find solace she is shown with a woolen blanket from Eyra a soft and tender but also delicate material. As a synonym for the product Irene Schweizer chose the character of a heartbroken woman, childlike, innocent and beautiful. Who was well represented by the actress Lilly Lorenz from Germany. We shot „rough to tender“ in one day and without a budget on two canon 5Ds with modest lighting equipment and a small crew on a rooftop in Zurich.


Stadt im Winter

4 April 2014

Music by Pathos Agogo
Script by Pathos Agogo, Hannes Baumgartner, Wendy Pillonel
Direction & editing by Hannes Baumgartner
Cinematography, light & editing by Wendy Pillonel

© Pathos Agogo 2013


Dukta is a new type of incision process to make wood and engineered wood more flexible. Because of dukta, the material gains textile-like properties and a wider range of application.


Eyra and Thomas

26 March 2014

Wintercollection 2011/2012 for the brand «Thomas».
«Thomas» is knit produced by Grannies in Switzerland.



4 February 2014

On Novgor everybody works in the Cendrars-Mines. One day, the company organizes a raffle. The five lucky ones will be able to leave the dark dust of Novgor for a golden planet: Eldorado. Guillaume realizes Chloé could win and leave without him.


  • Nuit du court-métrage Fribourg, 25.10.13, opening film
  • Festival du film étudiant Québec, 2014
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014, York, UK





The movie tells this uncontrollable and human urge to escape. Its hope for an elsewhere, a better world, a new reality. I wanted to show how a relationship, no matter how strong the feelings are, can be destroyed by this fundamental desire to escape and the dilemma which can come up in the soul of the one who is torn between love and need to escape.

Technical informations

Genre: Drama
Year of production: 2013
Length: 11 min 50
Shooting format: ARRI Alexa
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (16:9 Letterbox)
Sound: Dolby 5.1 / Stereo
Screening Format: DCP / HDCam / Blu Ray
Language: French
Subtitles: English, German, Italian


GUILLAUME Guillaume Prin
CHLOÉ Lisa Brühlmann
MAX Raphaël Tschudi
THIERRY Sami Khadraoui
SPEAKER Gilles Tschudi
NINA Penny O’Delwill


Screenplay and Direction Wendy Pillonel
Cinematography by Tom Keller
Set Design Felicitas Dagostin
Assistant Director Ari Zehnder
Second Assistants Director Scherwin Amini, Dario Brander
Location Manager Pascal Reinmann
Script/Continuity Isil, Demircan, Annie Gisler
First assistant camera Stefan Künzler, Meret Madörin
Second assistant camera Ilir Hasanaj
Chef electrician Roman Brändli
Electricians Thomas Eggel, Karin Rindlisbacher, Ramon Königshausen, Patrick Balmer
Grip Nik Delley
Sound Benoit Barraud, Ivo Schläpfer
Production Design Julian Underwood, Helen Schläpfer, Claudia Marolf, Nicole Frei, Emmanuel Röthlisberger, Sabine Hirsig
Costumes Irene Schweizer
Gold dress Noemi Dora
Make up Chris Riedi, Aya Saito
Catering Perrine Necker, Nicolas Necker, Ines Vounatsos, Guy Pillonel
Runner Julie Pillonel
Location scouting Juliette Pillonel
Editor Cyrill Oberholzer
Colorgrading Ellen Pony Wild
Special Effects Tom Keller
Sounddesign Benoit Barraud
Sound Mixer Gregg Skerman
Music Gregg Skerman


© ZHdK Bachelor of Arts in Film 2013


In a future where the sea doesn’t exist anymore and where adults imitate things from the past, dozens of children are building sand pies on an artificial beach. Only 12-year-old Estelle looks at a wall on which the sea is painted. Thibaud, her peer, approaches the girl and pretends he can see the things that no longer exist…


  • Shnit Festival 2012, Bern
  • Kurz und schön 2012, Köln, Germany
  • 48. Solothurner Filmtage 2013, Soleure
  • Swiss Panorama 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Amalty Film Festival 2013, Kazakhstan
  • Jugendfilmtage 2013, Zürich
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2013, York, UK
  • Ascona Film Festival, 2014
  • Festival du film étudiant Québec, 2014
  • Ciné Globe, Meyrin, 2014
  • Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec, 2014
  • Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2014, Austria
  • The 4th International Water and Film Event, 2015, Daegu, South Korea

TV broadcasts

  • 17.11.2012, at 23:45 on WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk | Köln
  • 23.12 2012, at 22:25 on WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk | Programm Eins Festival | Köln.




Parachutes takes place in a future where the sea doesn’t exist anymore and where adults imitate things from the past. The shortfilm features two children for whom the reality is not enough anymore. They try to escape the world in which they live. With the film I wanted to question the complexity of reality and to play with different levels of illusion.

Technical informations

Genre: Drama
Year of production: 2012
Length: 5 min 50
Shooting format: ARRI Alexa / 35 mm
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (16:9 Letterbox)
Sound: Dolby 5.1 / Stereo
Screening Format: DCP / HDCam SR / HDCam / Blu Ray
Language: French
Subtitles: English, German, Italian


Thibaud Luandès Brandt
Estelle Éléonore Jenny

Ramona Burgener, Lisa Burger, Jay Flammer, Laura Flammer, Luisa Freiermuth, Pauline Knappe, Fabio Leisinger, Liv Lenzin, Nicolas Mennel, Leah Müller, Fanny Ries, Jim Ries, Filippa Ries, Noelia Romera, Ainhoa Romera, Marie Schreiner, Niklas Schreiner, Lena Seger, Adrian Siegmann, Alexander Siegmann, Lucretia Siegmann



Screenplay and Direction Wendy Pillonel
Cinematographer Tom Keller
Set Design Stefanie Frey, Sophie Stalder
Editor Pascal Griesshammer
Assistant Director Cosima Frei
Second Assistants Director Scherwin Amini, Luca Zuberbühler
Location Manager Cécile Schüpbach
Script/Continuity Annie Gisler
First assistant camera Valentino Vigniti
Second assistant camera Lukas Graf
Chef electrician Tomasz Kadlubowski
Electricians Marius Mahler, Fabian Lütscher, Ninian Green, Sarah Jüstrich, Aurelio Buchwalder, Simon Pfister, Michael Iseli
Sound Benoit Barraud
Make up & Garderobe Gabriella Farkas
Set- Photography Olivier Christe
Runners Nicole Boner, Pierre Tschopp, Lisa Gerig, Guy Pillonel
Catering Perrine Necker, Bigna Tomschin
Coach Kids Martyna Daniel
Sound Mixer Gregg Skermann
Producer Filippo Bonacci

© ZHdK Bachelor of Arts in Film 2012