Do Know Where The Fear Comes From online now !

8 May 2023

While Swiss band Ogmasun was working on the album Into The Void, they also recorded “Do Know Where The Fear Comes From” that unfolds like a soundscape. They asked Wendy Pillonel to make a music video for this piece.

The director used the soundtrack to make an experimental film inspired by our collective fears. A series of interviews lead< each member of the group to talk about their fears. For Wendy, images came up again and again: overconsumption, dehumanisation and destroyed ecosystems. Among others.

Here is the result of this collaboration, magnificent to watch and to listen to. A Pandora’s box that must be opened. Enjoy!

Les Nouvelles Eves wins the Central Swiss Film Award !

2 March 2023

“LES NOUVELLES ÈVES” made in collaboration with Thais Odermatt, Annie Gisler, Anna Thommen, Jela Hasler, Camille Budin, Judith Lichtneckert and Lily Ott wins a Central Swiss Film Award!

Saturday March 4th, 4pm – BOURBAKI 1
Sunday March 5th, 8pm – Stattkino

FUTURA at Zurich Film Festival

8 September 2022

Un Monde Parfait and the ten episodes our collective series FUTURA celebrates their world premiere at Zurich Film Festival. Our films will be screened on Wednesday 28th of September at 18:00. See you there!

Les Nouvelles Eves on VOD and on TV

9 June 2022

Our collective documentary will be available on VOD on Play Suisse from June 14th 2022.

It also will be broadcasted on national TV on Sunday 19th of June at 23:30 on SRF1 and at 22:55 on RTS2.

One year after the national women’s strike, the issue of equality is far from settled. In the collective documentary LES NOUVELLES ÈVES, six filmmakers delve into the everyday lives of six women from different professions and explore what it means to be a woman in today’s Switzerland. Alternating glimpses into the lives of these “everyday heroines” show how the protagonists consciously resist role attributions and fight for their personal goals – even against social barriers. An exciting and illuminating look at a highly topical subject.

Les Nouvelles Eves in Swiss cinemas!

30 October 2021

Our collective documentary Les Nouvelles Eves is coming to the Swiss theaters!

From November 18th 2021 in the Swiss German cinemas.

From December 1st 2021 in the Swiss French cinemas.

From March 8th 2022 in Ticino.

More infos to the special screenings in presence of the directors on First Hand website or on the Ciné Doc website.

Enjoy the trailer:


Les Nouvelles Eves at Zurich Film Festival

9 September 2021

Our collective documentary Les Nouvelles Eves celebrates its world premiere at the Zurich Film Festival!

Our film will be screened in the Special Screenings section on:
– Tuesday 28th September at 21:00 in the Cinema Corso 4
– Wednesday 29th September at 20:45 in the Cinema Kosmos 4
– Saturday 2nd October at 13:45 in the Cinema Kosmos 5

It would be nice to see you there!

“Till Death Do You Part” on TV

23 November 2020

Broadcast on November 28th at 20h10 on SRF1 ! 

Also available online on Play Suisse or on YouTube.

What should have been the happiest day of their lives turns into a disaster. On October 12, 1944, 33 wedding guests are celebrating on Lake Lucerne when their boat collides with a transport barge. It’s a shipwreck and twenty people lose their lives. In the small village of Escholzmatt, 14 children become orphans.

Trailer here:



Der Postraub des Jahrhunderts on TV

14 April 2020

Der Postraub des Jahrhunderts” will be broadcasted on

Saturday 25th April 2020 at 20h10 on SRF1.

Action, romance, pyromania, fake weapons and maybe some money… On 1st September 1997, five men robbed the Fraumünster post office in Zürich and stole 53 million Swiss francs. The biggest post robbery of the century

The film will be available also online. For now, enjoy the trailer:


“Les Nouvelles Eves” wins the CH-Doc Migros Award

27 January 2020

Our female collective documentary project “Les Nouvelles Eves” wins the 10th CH-Doc Migros Award. We are proud and thankful.
Let’s shoot!

Wendy Pillonel, Annie Gisler, Liliane Ott (Emilia Productions), Judith Lichtneckert (Emilia Productions), Anna Thommen, Camille Budin, Annette Brütsch (Schnitt).  © obs/Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund Direktion Kultur und Soziales


Our webseries episode is online!

8 September 2019

Clash is a new documentary webseries produced by Stories AG for Swisscom. 8 directors each created an episode in which two strangers have to meet.

In our Clash, Cindy and Yan have to dive in each other’s world..


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